Vitex Industry was established in 1997 that import flow and level meter from BNC.

BNC are the manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in this particular line of business. 

Professional Flowmeter Manufacturer

Applicable for Fuel oil , Water , Steam and Chemical liquid.

Adopted by 80% boiler factories in Taiwan

Exported to Europe, United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc.

About Us

Vitex Industry was established in 1997 that import flow & level meter from BNC. 
BNC are the manufactory with more than ten yearsexperience in this particular line of business.

Purpose:We hold the principle of reducing the cost of production in effect and supporting the excellent quantity of goods & service to customers.

Policy:Our policy is to strengthen management,control quantity and optimize service. 

 BNC Corporation has obtained the UKAS ISO9001:2000 certificate in Dec 2001
firsttime, Continue certificate in Dec 2004 again(Certificate Number: 166053). The item 
of verification has “Flow Meter”, “Level Controller”, etc. 

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