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Vitex Industry import production of BNC flowmeter made of cast iron and stainless  steal 304,316 with the full size(from 15mm – 1000mm).It’s applicable for light oil, heavy oil and some other emplastic chemical liquid. 

BNC flowmeter adopts the latest LCD technical to reduce the abrasion of the gear in the old flowmeter. The accuracy of it will be less than +/-0.5%, sometimes even could be +/-0.2%. All the flowmeter are made use of import battery with the life more than 5 years in order to leave out the matter of changing. 

The products of heating-jacket modelstainless steel equipment flowmeter can be used to save the liquid which need keep warm´ßthe maximum temperature is 300oc, float level control is suitable for boiler lever control, tank level control with the maximun temperature of 250oc. The specifications of pressure are 16kgs/cm2, 25kgs/cm2, 30kgs/cm2 and etc. 

We also can supply for ABB KENT flowmeter of oil, water, hot water  & electromagnetism and the other kind of apparatus that imported from U.K.We shall be only too glad to answer your enquiries at any time.

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